Dye on signs on Minecraft Servers 1.14

I’ve just updated my Minecraft to 1.14.4 from a break of playing Minecraft and heard you can now dye signs. I tried out all the dyes on my old survival

Minecraft hardcore

I’m playing Minecraft servers, modded servers to be exact, it’s super fun! Anyways, first time I was neardeath I was just killing enderman to collect ender pearl’s and this skeleton

Minecraft of MacOS??

I have Mac OS Mojave version 10.14.5 everything is working fine. So the other day, Minecraft updated itself to Minecraft 1.14.3 and things got a lot worse. Yes, the new

Minecraft No sound!

My Minecraft is not playing any sounds at all. I’ve already tried the volume mixer, F3 + T, F3 + S, even reinstalling the launcher and .minecraft, I checked the

Minecraft Nether portals are not taking me back?

So you’ve crated a bunch of portals and you can’t connected them? Don’t stress! Here’s the solution. You need to set another portal up in the nether. Divide by eight

PlayStation world changes to offline if I AFK when I’m the only one on server

Hi was wondering if anyone had this issue and knows how to fix it? We’re playing Minecraft on server on my PlayStation. I host a world for me and my

All AFK Fish Farms broken?

I’m used to Minecraft 1.8 and there every fish farm had an item loop to always feed you fishing poles but now no farm has it and I can’t afk

Where is a safe website to get texture packs from?

Curse is owned by Twitch, which is owned by Amazon. That’s about as legitimate as you can getimate. You can also use Planet Minecraft, but that website can use external