Minecraft hardcore

I’m playing Minecraft servers, modded servers to be exact, it’s super fun!

Anyways, first time I was neardeath I was just killing enderman to collect ender pearl’s and this skeleton decided it was a good idea to break my helmet thus destroying the cool ability with it and there I am being completely hopeless or so I was near dead but then I had an awesome idea!

I’ve decided to go underwater change my food to a pork and rise up to kill the skeleton that was being mean and shooting me and I did kill the enderman and got, well, nothing but that does not matter the only thing that matters is that I was alive.

Second time, well this was kinda my fault but anyways, so I was fighting mobs but I fell backwards into a ravine and I freaked out and fell farther through the ravine and got shot by another skeleton a couple times but lucky for me I lived, just barely but I did. At least I found some good ores there and then brought them home.

Long live Minecraft servers!

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