Calandia Server


Calandia Server

Hard-mode Survival Server (Eventually Adventure mode when it come out). Hard does NOT mean griefing is allowed. Griefers get banned.

The area of the map where X is positive AND Z is positive is admin territory. We search daily for where players are (it is in your player.dat file) and all those found in this area are deleted.

We always update as soon as the new version is out officially. We will (when bukkit and such update) install WorldGuard when it comes out but we generally play a vanilla server for a long time after an update.

Our basic rule: Don't be a jerk.

Jerk is defined by those around you, so if you disagree you will lose the argument. You go messing with people's creations and you will get banned. Flying, hacking in items, speed mods, and spamming are all insta-bans.

PVP is only allowed when both parties agree beforehand, or if you are defending yourself, your home, or your possessions. Going out and killing people for their stuff will get you banned.