Minecraft of MacOS??


Minecraft of MacOS??

I have Mac OS Mojave version 10.14.5 everything is working fine. So the other day, Minecraft updated itself to Minecraft 1.14.3 and things got a lot worse.

Yes, the new Launcher is beautiful, but the game loads much slower now for some reason. Upon loading a world, the game immediately felt a lot different. It wasn't as smooth and nice to play anymore. It wasn't as fluid at all. It was subtle but noticeable, it's soo annoying.

When I'm moving forward, there's a new horizontal visual artifact thing or something, like a slightly scrambled line near the middle of my screen.

After playing a bit, the whole game froze so badly that the computer required a power reset, which was the first time ever that I had to pull the plug.

Now I'm wondering did Minecraft 1.14.3 brought significant changes? Am I the only one on MacOS having problems like these or is it the problem game itself.