Seattlecraft Server


Seattlecraft Server

Our minecraft servers offer some of the best gameplay you will experience in Minecraft!! We are a bukkit server featuring the most awesome plugins you have seen, and our forte is providing an excellent RPG, PVP, ECONOMY / TOWNY experience.

Our servers are 100% spam and a-hole free, our admins are professionals. You can feel safe about your items and chests because our servers use LOCKETTE and TOWNY for a very secure experience.

Featuring several awesome areas! a pirate ship, zoo, roller coaster, casino, underwater structures, pvp arena, spleef arena, and an EPIC entire re-creation of the rapture from bioshock It is truely epic.

We now feature Monster Hunt : Sign up with /hunt and the player that kills the most mobs at the end of the day wins awesome prizes!

Our server uses Ultimate Arena! Featuring in arena classes .. archer, brute, healer, etc… to join the arena type /ua join main

Newly added permissions for townsman are, the ability to pay other players, set multiple homes and home, the ability to create your own chest shops, and use the cool new plugin courier with /note and /post

Come check us out, WE ARE UP 24/7.

Slot Size: 64

Type: Economy Minecraft Servers, Other Minecraft Servers, PVP Minecraft Servers, Role Play Minecraft Servers, Survival Minecraft Servers