Mineyc PvP

Mineyc PvP is a stongly PvP orientated server that offers features to create a fun environment to fight in.It uses a series of plugins that prevent people from hiding themselves and their loot from battles such an online map and


Hello and welcome to PenqCraft here you will have the best minecraft playing experience and get the most best friends on minecraft you will make friends instantly. Hopefully you will be able to buy items Donate and more you will


Our minecraft servers offer some of the best gameplay you will experience in Minecraft!! We are a bukkit server featuring the most awesome plugins you have seen, and our forte is providing an excellent RPG, PVP, ECONOMY / TOWNY experience.


We offer a Great PVP/Factions experience with the option of creative mode(for donators). We have many fun things to do such as our Minigames which consists of Mobarena(to play mobarena type /ma help or /ma join ), PVP arenas(with and


Hard-mode Survival Server (Eventually Adventure mode when it come out). Hard does NOT mean griefing is allowed. Griefers get banned. The area of the map where X is positive AND Z is positive is admin territory. We search daily for