All AFK Fish Farms broken?


All AFK Fish Farms broken?

I'm used to Minecraft 1.8 and there every fish farm had an item loop to always feed you fishing poles but now no farm has it and I can't afk xp anymore.

Why is that?

You get xp but you can't just afk in a fish farm completely because you always have to manually get a new pole after a while.

Even with a mending pole my XP Still goes up when I fish (though I don't AFK fish). Maybe it depends on how much mending you have? I don't have mending on anything but the pole.

Because anything that uses the Use or Attack action is not intended to be automated. There have been multiple changes that break one or more aspects of AFK fishing. I believe there are still ways to make it work, but further updates will continue to break it as it is not an intended feature.